Ninjabread Poop Cookies, Part II.

I owe a formal (weak) apology to gingerbread.  I badmouthed it as a relative baking newbie.

Second time around, I used SO MUCH powdered sugar to prevent stickage during rolling.  It totally didn’t prevent stickage, but it helped.  I was too stingy the first time.

The second time making the dough went much quicker thanks to my new, fancy, $15 electric hand mixer!  Having to mix things manually the first time contributed to my bad mood….

with the first batch,
I didn’t try to make royal icing.

A haiku:

Meringue powder, soft
Sweet smell
Coats lungs like drywall.

Another (freeform) haiku:

Electric hand mixer
False sense of security
What is this concrete

Once I got the icing into a freezer bag and cut the tip off, though, I managed okay.  Of course, I didn’t really get the hang of piping until the very last cookie.

Here’s the outcome of the second batch:


and then I had some extra icing, which was good because I wanted to doll up the “normal” gingerbread cookies that I made once I ran out of energy to make more men


I’m supposed to go eat a polite dinner with my family very shortly, coming off of having poison-tested a crapload of these…. please send help

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