I am a member of species Phidippus audax (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phidippus_audax), also known as the bold jumping spider because I can leap a distance of up to 50 times my own body length!

Favorite pastimes include:

  • twirling around in circles in an eerily calculating, ratcheting fashion;
  • actively hunting prey during the day, since I do not rely on webs to collect food for myself; and
  • startling unwitting building residents who didn’t expect to find me at eye-level on the glass exterior door in midday!
    I love to hang out high up on flat vertical surfaces, since I can easily spot my next meal that way. I have stereoscopic (depth-perceiving) vision, just like you! Which means that we can both identify when we’re suddenly mere inches from each others’ faces!


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